Sensors and Modules

If you see around, you will notice that we are surrounded by the different types of sensors that are continuously monitoring us and capturing our actions. And then correspondingly some output is done. Any embedded device in any industry would have some sensors that interact with the outside world and perform actions based on sensor readings. In automotive (this is an industry), gyroscope sensors are used in Advanced Safety Systems (Embedded device), in which the gyroscope sensor detects the position of the car in 3D and these sensor data are utilized to launch the Air bags for the safety of the passengers. For the next example, in Industrial Automation (another industry), proximity sensors are found on industrial machines (embedded device). Proximity sensors are employed to detect metallic objects. These are just a few examples, but you can almost certainly come up a lot more. These sensors are now interfaced to the Host MCU for the creation of embedded devices, and this interfacing of sensors to the MCU or MPU is referred to as Sensor/Module Driver development or Device Driver development. What exactly do we mean when we say sensors are interfaced to the Host MCU? It indicates that sensor data/readings are decoded and processed by the host MCU. MCU’s decode the sensor data/reading by talking with them via certain communication protocols or through Digital/Analog Signals. Most sensors interface with MCUs using serial communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART, or ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) and Timers (Digital Signals). .There are many other communication protocols according to sensors which we are interfacing like camera sensors are interfaced using CSI(Camera Serial Interface), Audio sensors are interfaced using I2S(Inter IC Sound) and etc. Almost all MCU’s have the support of these communication protocols in them and we refer to them as peripherals( there are many other peripherals in MCU also). To use these peripherals, we have to write the peripheral drivers of corresponding peripheral. So for Interfacing sensor to MCU, thing which we would be required is of Sensor Driver, and for Sensor driver we would be needing the peripheral driver for corresponding communication protocol at which sensors work. And then using the peripheral driver, we will write the Sensor Driver by referring the corresponding datasheet of the sensors. So here at Gettobyte, we would be writing number of sensor drivers, so as to show how to interface different sensors/modules with different MCU’s. Not like the Arduino environment, where the libraries would

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