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What is AutoboardV1

Short Intro on AutoBoardV1

AutobordV1 is System on Module (SoM) based on NXP Semiconductors Automotive Microcontroller S32K344. Based on ARM Cortex M7 processor-based Microcontroller S32K344, AutoboardV1 is compact and cost-effective SoM specifically for automotive applications. 

AutoboardV1 can be used for prototyping/development/research/corporate trainings/academia for building Automotive technologies/applications like: ADAS subsystems, Domain/Zonal Control architecture and ECU gateway in vehicles.  Explore Usecases section to know solutions that can be built using AutoboardV1.

Also, AutoboardV1 has Full HSM (Hardware Security Module) based automotive controller, automotive peripherals like: CAN, LIN, Ethernet, FlexIO, QuadSPI, Advance Timers and ADC making it ideal for building secure, smart, powertrain and body control domain automotive electronic devices like Electric Immobilizer, Domain Controller, IoT gateway for automotive and etc. Explore DIY projects section to know more about such devices that can be built using AutoboardV1

Additional to that AutoboardV1 also supports full Embedded Toolchain of Matlab/Freemaster/S32 Design Studio and Autosaur MCAL layer to start your development and application building straight out of the Gettobyte Software Material and Content.

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Autosar MCAL Layer Support
EVITA Full HSM Based Crypto Engine: HSE
OpenSDA based Onboard Debugger
Functional Safety ISO26262 complaint upto ASIL D
MATLAB Simulink and NXP MBDT tools
Freemaster Debugging Tool
Automotive Ethernet MII Interface
// Kew Features

Technical Hardware
Features of AutoboardV1

S32K344 MCU in MFQP174 pin package

AutoboardV1 is built on NXP Semiconductors Automotive Microcontroller S32K344, which supports Security and Ethernet Features

Adaptor based Power Supply
Adaptor based Power Supply

6-17V adaptor for power supply

80 pins I/O Headers

80 pins I/O header pins exposing majority of pins for external use and also in breadboard compatible size

24 pins I/O Headers

24 pins I/O header pins exposing rest of pins for external use via jumper wires or shields

2 OnBoard User Buttons

On Board Tactile User buttons via GPIO peripheral

Onboard 3 CAN2.0B Ports via screw terminals
Onboard 3 CAN2.0B Ports via screw terminals

AutoboardV1 has 3 CAN ports, with one CAN wakeup switch: 1xCAN 2.0B using TJA1443 and 2x CAN 2.0B using TJA1051

On Board 1 automotive ethernet using screw terminals

On board 1 automotive ethernet using TJA1101

DUAL LIN Ports via screw terminals

On Board 2 lin ports using TJA1022

64 Mbit Automotive QUADSPI Flash

Onboard MX25L6433FM2I QUADSPI Memory Chip

OnBoard Crystal Oscillator

16Mhz On Board Crystal Oscillator

On Board OpenSDA based Debugger via Type C port

OpenSDA based Debugger to program and debug the S32K344 via onboard debugger.

Onboard SWD 10-pin Connector for SWD Debugging

SWD debugging via external Jlink Debuggers or PE Micro Debuggers

On Board UART Port via USB type C

On Board UART Port using CP2102 for runtime logs and debugging

Analog Power Configuration

ADC reference voltage configuration between 3.3V and 5V

2 OnBoard RGB LED

On Board RGB LED via GPIO and PWM peripheral

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AutoboardV1 S32K344 Automotive System on Module

S32K344-Q100 EVB Board

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AutoboardV1 Pinout

ElecronicsV2 Pinout
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Usecases of AutoboardV1

Build Powertrain, Electrification, Motor control and Body control Specific automotive applications via AutoboardV1
Click Here
Enable/Learn Cryptography Technology to in embedded world to make smart and secure automotive applications using Full Hardware Security Module: HSE peripheral present in S32K344 MCU
Click Here
Build ECU Gateway controllers for Domain/Zonal Architecture.
Click Here
Learn/Explore Autosar MCAL Layer with AutoBoardV1
Click Here
Learn Advance automotive Peripherals with AutoBoardV1
Click Here
Automotive Industrial Solutions using AUtoboardV1 ( Matlab and FreeMAster)
Automotive DIY projects for academia to start with using AutoboardV1
Click Here
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Target Audience

Perfect Embedded Hardware Board for
Freshers and working professionals.

Learn Embedded Basics

Learn Basics of Microcontroller world using Industrial tools and framework like: Eclipse Based IDE, Jlink Debuggers, Microcontroller Software Packages (RTD, HAL) and Datasheet.

Learn Autosar Stack

Wanna learn and build skill sets for Autosaur Technology. ElecronicsV2 has support of Autosaur MCAL layer integrated with eclipse-based IDE..

Learn Device Driver Development

Learn how to use Microcontroller Peripherals like: GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, Timers, Interrupts, DMA and etc with industrial Microcontroller Software Packages and stacks.

Learn FreeRTOS

Learn FreeRTOS using automotive

Learn Automotive Peripherals

Learn automotive peripherals like: CAN, LIN, FlexTimers, Hardware Security Modules on Industrial Microcontroller in cost effective ways.

Build Automotive projects.

Build Automotive projects in DIY form using Automotive sensors and frameworks.

Perfect Embedded Hardware Kit for
Automotive Startups/Corporates

Build automotive Proof of Conecpt

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely

Prototype/Reasearch based on Automotive cjips

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely

Plug and Play system

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely

// Embedded Tools and Frameworks

To use AutoboardV1

NXP Semiconductors provide Embedded Software tools and gettobyte provides Embedded Hardware Tools to start your journey on S32K3 series of Microcontroller. From Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to Microcontroller Software packages for S32K3xx series of Microcontroller. As ElecronicsV2 is built on S32K344 Microcontroller, which belongs to S32K3xx series. So toolchains will be same for using AutoboardV1 boards.

S32 Design studio

IDE to write programs for AutoboardV1

ProBug Debugger

Debuggers to flash the programs into AutoboardV1 boards.

S32 Autosar RTD

Autosaur 4.4 version based Software stack (MCAL Layer) for using S32K344 Peripherals
// Resources, Tutorial Content and Courses

To use AutoboardV1

Getting Started with AutoboardV1
Peripheral Drivers for AutoboardV1
DIY Project with AutoboardV1
Sensor and Module Interfacing with AutoboardV1
// User Manual and User Guide

To use AutoBoardV1

User Manual of NXP S32K344 MCU based System on Module: AutoBoardV1.
Getting Started Manual of NXP S32K344 MCU based System on Module: AutoBoardV1

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