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What is ProBug Debugger Board

Short Intro on ProBug Debugger Board

The ProBug Debugger is a cost-effective and reliable tool designed for debugging and programming NXP Semiconductors S32K Platform microcontrollers. This versatile debugger is compatible with all microcontrollers in the S32K Platform that are based on ARM Cortex M series processors, including ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4/M7, and more. The supported SoC names include S32K1xx and S32K3xx.

ProBug Debugger is idle choice when working on custom embedded product development or learning/training/prototyping purpose on NXP S32K automotive Microcontrollers. Looking to start with NXP S32K platform for development, ProBug debugger would be reliable and cost-effective debugger that can be used across S32K MCU’s.

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SWD Debugging Protocol
Utilizing the SWD interface, the ProBug Debugger seamlessly connects with target S32K microcontrollers through Debug Connectors present on ProBug Debuggers.
Supported Software/IDE's
ProBug Debugger can be used efficiently with following Embedded Software toolchain's: S32 Design Studio/FreeMaster/MBDT tools/Jlink Software Toolchains
Jlink Debug Configuration
ProBug Debugger is detected as Jlink Debugger on connection with Host Desktop/Laptop.
Supports S32K1xx MCU's
S32K116, S32K118, S32K142, S32K144, S32K148, S32K142W, S32K144W
Virtual UART Com Port
ProBug Debugger is also detected as Virtual UART Com Port as we connect it to the Host PC, for real time UART logging.
Supports S32K3xx MCU's
S32K311, S32K312, S32K314, S32K322, S32K324. S32K342, S32K344, S32K358, S32K388
// Kew Features

Technical Specs &
Features of ProBug Debugger

2 Debug Connectors for connecting to Target S32Kxxx Microcontroller
2 Debug Connectors for connecting to Target S32Kxxx Microcontroller

10-pin SWD connector and 20-pin JTAG connector

Segger Jlink Debug Port
Segger Jlink Debug Port

Jlink Debug Port Detection for Programming and Debugging S32K MCU's

Target MCU Power Configuration
Target MCU Power Configuration

Target Microcontroller can be Powered via 3.3V or 5V. That is configurable via Power Header

Virtual UART Serial Com Port
Virtual UART Serial Com Port

Virtual UART COM Port Detection via same Debug connector for logging Realtime data via UART Peripheral.

Connection to Host Laptop/Desktop
Connection to Host Laptop/Desktop

Connect to Host Laptop/Desktop via USB-to Type C Cable

On-Board Reset Button
On-Board Reset Button

On Board Reset Button for resetting Target MCU via ProBug Debugger

Pricing & Buy

Start With An

Chinese Clone Jlink Debuggers

<INR5K/ piece
Not Reliable
  • Big in Size
  • Chinese Clone
  • Non-Isolated
Cost Effective, but not reliable and recomended

ProBug Debugger

INR7.5K / piece
Domestic Shipping
  • Readily available
    • Indigenous Product (India)
      • Custom Bootloader (Not Chinese)
        • Galvonic Isolation
Cost Effective and for Industrial Usecases

ProBug Debugger

Domestic Shipping
  • Readily available
    • Indigenous Product (India)
      • Custom Bootloader (Not Chinese)
        • Non-Galvonic Isolation
Cost Effective, Industrial product for students and academia

Original Jlink and PEMicro Debuggers

Very Costly
// Packet Contents

With ProBug Debugger


Usecases of ProBug Debugger

ProBug Debugger with NXP S32K312(ARM Cortex M7 Processor)

ProBug Debugger with NXP S32K144(ARM Cortex M4 Processor) using ElecronicsV2 Board

// User Manual and User Guide

To use ProBug Debugger

User Manual of ProBug Debugger
Getting Started Manual of ProBug Debugger

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