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Embedded Basics

Interview at Texas Instruments

I was in my final year of my graduation (Btech:EEE) and our last semester is getting over. It was 26th of May 2022, I was in my college lab with my friends and Hod teacher discussing our Farewell venue and date, at that moment I just checked my phone and I saw a notification on LinkedIn, got a LinkedIn HR mail from one of the Re recruiters of Texas Instruments. I got very excited and happy at that moment. I got so anxious at that  moment  that I immediately  told my  best friend and gf, after reading the Job Description.

My resume got selected for 2 positions in Texas Instruments,  one is of Embedded Application Developer and other is of Field Application Engineer.

For the position of Embedded Application Developer, I got the LinkedIn HR mail and from there my profile was selected. For the position of Field Application Engineer, I got a referral from the Alumni of my college, who is Field Application Manager at Texas Instruments.

And this happens in a span of 1 week, at first my resume is selected for Embedded Application Developer. The very next day I talked to one of the teachers of my college regarding my selection and then she gave me the reference of Alumni of our college who have been at Texas Instruments for 10 years. On talking to the alumni, he told me that there are positions open in his team for Field Application Engineer. He likes my profile and resume both for that position and he referred to my profile for that position. Though I have called him with an intention to talk about an Embedded Application Developer position, he has referred me for one of the positions open in his team. So my interview process was going on for 2 positions parallel at Texas Instruments.

Field Application Engineer

Now at first let\’s  start with the interview process and experience of a Field Application Developer position, for which I ultimately get selected too and offered with a final offer letter of 25 LPA CTC.

Field Application Engineer is a kind of technical sales job, in which the hired person has to provide technical assistance, development and strategies of Company products to customers.

So the hired person should have knowledge related to company products. Should also be good in communication skills and interpersonal skills to make long lasting professional relations with company customers.

So in this case, Texas Instruments is the company and its products are mainly concentric to Its Wide number of MCU, MPU, IoT modules and ASIC chips. So FAE should have good understanding and knowledge of microcontrollers, system level knowledge of embedded products, IoT protocols, use cases of different peripherals of the MCU.

A person should have knowledge of different sub components that are used in the design of Embedded products, but is not necessary to have in depth knowledge as FAE would not be involved in development but much more acts as interface between company and the customer using the company products.

4 rounds were taken, out of which 3 are in online mode and one(last one) is offline mode.

For the position of FAE, interview questions are different from what we all normally used to prepare ourselves. The questions are much more to test one\’s personality, communication skills, conceptual questions related to technology.

My first round was for about 45 mins, in which the interviewer asked questions related to my journey so far, how I have learnt things on my own, why I chose to get into the technical field and some basic technical questions related to Embedded. Also about 15-20 mins of my first round went into discussion of the Field Application Engineer job role, in which the interviewer told me what exactly would be my roles and responsibilities.

I expected that there would be coding questions or questions related to in depth hardware but nothing much like that. And i analyzed that the interviewer was concentric to my communication skills, how well can i address my self, how i well i can interact with people to 



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