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What is Altium

What is Altium?

Altium is a PCB design tool,  PCB stands for Printed Circuit Boards and the designing process for a PCB include:

  1. Schematic capture,
  2. Layout,
  3. SPICE simulations,
  4. Library and footprint creation,
  5. Part tracking, sourcing and revision tracking of both the components used in the design and design itself.

It is like git for PCBs and Altium provides tools and resources for all parts of the PCB design workflow.The Altium designer comes with an easy-to-use interface that has lots of features for the PCB designer, like revision control and hot-keys.

Altium has 4 SoftwareAltium DesignerAltium NexusAltium Circuit StudioAltium Circuit Maker

All these software provide a robust framework for the PCB designer to acquire skills of a cross-function multidisciplinary role, because PCB design requires understanding and knowledge of electronic, electrical, and mechanical theory and implementation mechanisms like testing equipment used, designing equipment, and of course manufacturing.

Altium software offers the user the ability to interact and collaborate with the mechanical, electronic, and electrical designer through various tools integrated into the software which provide a seamless and robust framework for the designer.

Figure 1 Altium 3D mechanical rendering.

With the increase in remote working Altium software also offer cloud storage for saving projects, rendering projects, and even saving and running SPICE simulations!



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