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Embedded Basics

What are Device driver, Application Codes and HAL in Embedded Softwares

What are Peripherals in MCU?

What is peripheral driver in MCU?

What is sensor/module interfacing in MCU.

What is device driver and RTD?

What is HAL/BSP?

What is Application Software?

When people start with Embedded Software development or Firmware development, there are couple of terms which they come across and found them very confusing to understand. Terms which i am targeting in this blog are like Device driver/low level drivers, Application codes, and HAL (Hardware Abstraction layer).

To understand these terms, one has to understand that in Embedded systems there are hardware and

Embedded Software is a software (take it as a programming) that is done to interact with different hardware devices. Now these hardware devices can be categorized broadly into input devices, processing devices and output devices.

Input devices can be out

and main These hardware devices would be like

can be a complex software and s

Device Driver –> First let\’s breaks down the are the drivers that interface the 2 hardware’s.

Real Time Drivers



Application Codes


Abstraction layers

Kunal Gupta
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Kunal Gupta

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