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Overview of Programming languages

  • Compiled language: are translated to the target machine\’s native language by a program called a compiler. This can result in very fast code, especially if the compiler is effective at optimizing however the resulting code may not port well across the operating system & the compilation process may take a while e.g C or CPP.
  • Interpreted Language: is read by a program called an interpreter & is executed by that program called an interpreter and is executed by that program. While they are portable as their interpreter & have no long compile times. e.g Python & Java.
  • High-Level Programming: Refers to how much the nature of language reflects the understanding system. In other words, a programming language level refers to how similar the language is to a computer\’s native language.
  • Low-Level language is generally quite similar to machine code & thus is more suitable for programs like device drivers or very high-performance programs that really need access to hardware. Since a low-level language is subject to all the nuances of the hardware it\’s accessing.

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