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Debugging Technology in Microcontrollers

Table of Contents

Basic IDEA about debugging

Debugging is the process of finding and fixing errors, or bugs, in a program. It is an essential part of software development and helps ensure that programs work as intended. In C programming, debugging can be done using tools like GDB (GNU Debugger), which allows developers to interactively debug their code.

Why is debugging needed?

Debugging is an essential part of programming and engineering. It’s about running the code and finding or detecting the bug. Debugging helps in detecting and removing existing bugs in the code. It is a multistep process that involves identifying the problem, describing the bug, defect analysis, and defect resolution. Debugging is necessary because software development involves testing, updating, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Different types of Hardware debuggers are embedded.

Hardware debuggers are essential tools in embedded software development for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues in embedded systems. There are several types of hardware debuggers used for debugging in microcontrollers, each with its own specific use cases and advantages:

The choice of hardware debugger depends on your specific embedded system, the microcontroller or processor being used, and your debugging requirements. Some development environments and microcontroller families have preferred debugger options, so it’s essential to consider compatibility when selecting a debugger for your project.

Different types of Software debuggers in embedded

In embedded software development, software debugging tools are essential for diagnosing and resolving issues in the software running on embedded systems. These tools help developers identify and correct errors, optimize code, and ensure the proper functioning of the embedded software. Here are some commonly used software debugging tools for embedded systems:


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