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Objective: What in this course

  1. To learn about peripherals of microcontroller and how to use them via Hardware Abstraction Layers software stack of microcontroller.
  2. To relate and understand register level of Microcontroller peripheral’s and see which HAL API’s effect which registers of MCU Peripherals.
  3. To understand specs and explore different features of the Microcontroller peripherals by understanding their application.
  4. Peripherals of MCU: Clock, GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, TIMERS, ADC, Interrupts, DMA.

Motive : Why this course

  1. Gonna make your strong foundation for 

For whom is this course

  • College Students
  • Working Professionals
  • R&D `


  1. Familiarity with S32K Microcontrollers and their toolchains (S32 Design Studio).
  2. Understanding of different software stacks of microcontroller (Bare metal programming and HAL).
  3. Microcontroller Block Diagram.
  4. Elecronicsv2 debugger
  5. ProBug Debugger

Detail Curriculum

Skills Gained

Software Stack for microcontroller
Hardware Abstraction Layer(HAL) || Peripheral Abstraction Layer || Mind map of different .c/.h files
Microcontroller Coding Language
How to use C programming language and concepts for using microcontroller peripherals
Device Driver Development
Peripheral API use cases || API parameters || API Structure and return types || Mind map of Different API's.
ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller Coding
NVIC || Sys tick || ARM Cortex M4 intro
Register's of microcontroller peripherals
Which registers to monitor for different peripherals || Change in register values corresponding to which HAL API's || Status and error registers to monitor for debugging ||
Microcontroller Datasheet reading
How to read Datasheet || How to fetch || How to fetch peripheral register information
Microcontroller peripherals
UART || I2C || SPI ||TIMERS || ADC || Interrupts || DMA || Clock
UART- Ring Buffer Implementation || UART different modes || I2C/SPI multiple master-slave combinations || Arbitration || 3-wire SPI || Multiple MAster I2C
Interrupt/DMA configurations
NVIC || Nested Interrupts || Interrupt handlers || Vector Table || DMA configurations || DMA memory buffers || DMA and Interrupt combinations
Embedded System Level Understanding
Microcontroller System level Understanding || Sensor/Module Interfacing || Application Development
TIMER/ADC combinations

Uppon Successful Completion

  • Get to know how to do microcontroller coding for NXP Semiconductor S32 automotive grade MCU’s.
  • Get knowledge on how to use, understand, navigate and explore Hardware Abstraction Layers of microcontroller for using its peripherals.
  • Understanding on Embedded Software Architecture, file structure and API flow for assessing different peripherals of Microcontroller. 
  • Get to know how to configure and use basic peripherals of S32K1xx series of Microcontroller.
  • Get Handson level understanding on Eclipse Based IDE’s S32 Design Studio from project generation to code generation and hacks of S32 Design Studio.
  • Get system level understanding on how to connect any sensor/module with S32K1xx Microcontroller’s
  • In this course we will be exploring, UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO. TIMERS, ADC peripherals of automotive grade microcontroller S32K1xx
  • All these peripherals will be explored by via DMA, Polling and Interrupt configurations to see their different use cases.
  • How to read datasheet of microcontroller and understand different peripherals of it.
  • Exposure and Handson with listed peripherals of microcontroller: seeing signals on logic analyzer, multimeter and oscilloscope to get physical layer level understanding of signals transmitted and received on microcontroller pins.

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