Embedded MCU's

MCU’s stands for Microcontrollers. These are small and intelligent computers, which are the heart of every embedded device around us. For the development of any embedded device knowledge of Microcontrollers is one of the very first thing that one has to know. Microcontrollers are like the spy agents in our society. People don’t get to know about them, but they are everywhere and working 24*7 around us!!!

To start working with microcontrollers, is not a very big deal. It’s just about how interested you are to build the technology and to play with it. Knowledge of Computer Architecture & organization, C/CPP programming is plus to start with microcontrollers. Otherwise, don’t worry, over the series all relevant things would be covered simultaneal. I have written some of the blogs on basics of Microcontrollers:

There are many companies who develop these microcontrollers. These companies are known as Semiconductor companies, like STMicroelectronics, NXP semiconductors, Texas Instruments, Nordic Semiconductors, Esprisff, Microchip Technologies, Intel, Qualcomm and etc. Usually, students coming out of college only know about Arduino, ESP32 or Raspberry Pie controllers. But in actual Industry and development of Embedded devices the controllers of above listed vendors are used majorly across multiple industries: Avionics, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical Industry, Power and Energy, Robotics and etc.

At gettobyte, get to know about multiple controllers of different vendors. 

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